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OCZ Game X Stream 1010W PSU

by on29 April 2007


Preview: A very quiet 1010W

A month
and a half ago we had the opportunity to test the first 1000W PSU from OCZ. It was enough to power anything, but it was missing the power switch and had a smaller fan. Generally it was the smallest 1000W that can fit into a standard case, but it missed some things. You can read the whole review of OCZ's ProXStream 1000W here.


Luckily the guys at OCZ listened to the feedback from the community and decided to make a new one called OCZ Game X Stream 1010W PSU. This one is meant for gamers, it is a little bit bigger than the previous model, but it has a very silent 120 mm fan and a power switch. The biggest difference from the previous 850W Game X Stream model is the four PCIe six pin power connectors.


This model has four separated rails with 20 A each and it is enough for any setup including Crossfire / SLI scenarios. The PSU has four PCIe 2x3 pin power connectors, 1x4 pin and 24 pin power main ATX connector, 2x4 pin floppy drives, 6x SATA and 6x Molex power connectors.


The cables are not modular, but we didn’t expect them to be. This model comes with active PFC which is standard in this category. The 120 mm fan is placed at the bottom of the PSU and it is exceptionally quiet for a 1000W PSU. As a matter a fact, it is almost as quiet as OCZ's 700W model, the best one we seen so far. The 120 mm fan illuminates the case with blue LEDs and it might look good to you, if you're into that kind of stuff.



We tried the PSU with two setups. The first one included an Athlon FX 62, Sapphire HDMI AMD 760 board and Sapphire's X1950PRO DUAL card which is a real power hungry part.

The PSU didn't have any issues and had enough power for all these parts. It will support any current Crossfire setup, there's no question about it.


The second setup included a Core 2 Duo X6800 CPU at 2.93 GHz, 2x1 GB memory, two Geforce 8800 GTX ACE3 graphics cards and again we didn’t have any stability or power problems. The best part is that the power supply is exceptionally quiet for a 1010W unit.


It will cost around €250 and might end up some €20 cheaper than the OCZ's smaller model, the  ProXStream. It's quiet and it's enough for any PC configuration including Crossfire or SLI setups.

It remains to try out this unit with two Radeon HD 2900XT parts and to see how it copes, as these are the most power hungry parts to date.


We like it, as it is quiet and it will do a great job powering your PC. At the same time it has enough juice to power two Geforce 8800 GTX or Ultra cards, but you will need an adapter for two Radeon HD 2900XT cards, as this card has one six pin PCIe connector and the second eight pin connector. I am sure that this PSU should be enough with an adequate adapter.

It worked really well in our lab and I can easily recommend it, as it has enough power for every system and, for the fiftieth time, it is the quietest PSU with 1000W that we've come across. The best part is that it has a power switch.

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