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Dell's 9.9mm Adamo XPS is a 13-incher

by on11 September 2009


So it's probably not an Atom-based toy

After Dell
posted the first teaser photo for its new insanely thin Adamo XPS, we tried to work out how what form factor Dell went for. There was a lot of speculation that Dell would launch smaller, Atom-based Adamo models, but if our math is to be trusted, the Adamo XPS is a bit bigger.

It turns out it's roughly 340mm wide, pretty much like Apple's MacBook Air, meaning we're looking at a proper 13-inch ultraportable, not an netbook. Of course, there's always a chance Dell will use an Pine Trail CPU in it. After all Dell was the first company to launch a 12-inch Atom netbook, in spite of Intel's and Microsoft's restrictions, but sticking a puny Atom in an XPS branded Adamo just doesn't sound right.

So, at this point it's probably safe to assume that the XPS is CULV-based. It's also the prime candidate for 32nm Arrandale ULV parts once they start shipping next year. Speculating on the price is probably not a good idea, as we doubt many people will be able to afford it.

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