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Snow Leopard shows hints of tablet support

by on03 September 2009


Little doubt left that Apple is going this direction

With the release of Snow Leopard it would seem that little, if any, doubt remains that Apple is at least in the process of experimenting with tablet and touch screen support. The Leopard has come in from the cold to show that it offers some support features for tablet and touch screen.

While it is a bit hidden from view, the evidence is in and soft keyboard support is there in Snow Leopard with a lot of tweaks; once you click “Show Keyboard & Character Viewer in the Menu Bar” the results are obvious that it has much better support than Apple has ever had. In addition, the user interface has a new scrolling layout for dock stacks that use larger icons that would work well in a touch screen or tablet situation.

We think that it is just more evidence to back up the fact that we are going to see Apple introduce a tablet product of some sort early next year. This evidence seems to support the theory that while Apple might do a 10” tablet that is like a large iPod Touch, a rumored 13” and 15” tablet that Apple is said to be playing with in the labs will likely run Snow Leopard.

Last modified on 03 September 2009
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