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MSI X410 already shipping in Europe

by on24 August 2009


French connection

Last week we wrote about a few MSI X-slims and Winds based on AMD's Neo platform. Oddly, quite a few punters didn't believe that they were just around the corner, although we said they were coming back in May. Have some faith people.

Interestingly, MSI has already started shipping some of its Neo-based notebooks, but at the moment it seems they are only available in France and Belgium. MSI is still staying mute about these products, which haven't been officially announced. The X410 is a good looking piece of kit, it weighs just 1.5kg and it's under 25mm thick, making it the lightest and slimmest 14-inchers on the market. It's powered by an Athlon MV-40 at 1.6GHz, has 2GB of memory and 320GB of storage, draft-n wireless and it comes with Vista Premium, so there's really not much to complain about.

Several French retailers are listing the X410 at as low as €414, and some are apparently shipping it already, albeit at higher prices, slightly above €500. Belgian e-tailers have listed the X410 as well, but they have also listed the X400, based on Intel's SU3500 CPU, and the price difference is staggering. The X400 costs €650, while the X410 is listed at just €499, which is really great value. The AMD-based X410 probably can't match the X400 in terms of endurance, but we're sure you can buy plenty of batteries for €150 and still end up with money to spare.

If you're after something smaller, such as the new 12-inch Wind U200, the Neo-based U210 version will also save you around €150, as the U210 is shipping at €399 to €449, depending on the SKU.

As we said, at the moment they seem to be shipping in France and Belgium, so if want one really badly, you'll have to order it there, wait for a few days, or take a road trip to France or Belgium.
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