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Nintendo considers pulling Wii TV ads

by on08 December 2007


Impossible to meet demand anyway

Nintendo is considering pulling its Wii ads off the air in the U.K., since it's struggling to meet demand as it is.

It claims that it would be "responsible" to halt the ad campaign, since it's facing availability issues in the run up to the holidays. A company spokesman said that demand for the Wii is "unprecedented and higher than Nintendo could ever have anticipated." Analysts are expecting that Nintendo will use the remaining air time to market its DS console, instead.

The company expects to sell a total of 18.5 million Wii consoles by March 2008, which is significantly higher than the previously forecasted 14 million. At the moment it's churning out about 1.8 million units per month and the strong demand still shows no signs of letting up.

Although the console has been on the market for over a year now, don't expect a Wii price cut anytime soon.

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