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Bendable lights trialed

by on07 December 2007


32 cities see CeeLite

lights which can be integrated into walls or wrapped around poles are being trialed in 32 U.S. cities.

According to, the monitors are made by Ceelite, which are making signs equipped with CeeLite's lights on the sides of its buses. The signs require four watts of power per square foot and can measure up to 12 feet long and 30 inches high. A sheet is then covered with an advertisement.

Long term, Ceelite wants to use the technology to light floors with the low-energy technology. It uses a light-emitting capacitor, or LEC. LECs effectively store energy like standard capacitors, then release it into a substrate sprinkled with phosphors, which emit light when a current is applied.

The problem has been that after a while the phosphors wear off, but CeeLite claims to have fixed that problem.

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