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Adobe shrugs off Microsoft's Silverlight challenge

by on19 April 2007


Flash in the pan

Adobe claims that Microsoft's promises keep its Silverlight platform compatible with non-windows operating systems are unlikely to come off.

Microsoft is trying to compete with Adobe's Flash format, and is promising to make it as widespread as Abobe's standard.

However Bruce Chizen, CEO of Adobe said that Microsoft had never demonstrated a commitment to maintaining a cross platform solution.
Windows Windows Media Player and IE have been ended for the Mac platform, he pointed out.

Chizen said that although Microsoft claimed Silverlight will going to be cross-platform, and maybe the first will be, It is unlikely to remain like that forever.

Despite his apparent confidence that Adobe's offerings trump those from Microsoft, Chizen said the company is a US$50 billion monopolist who's in the software business and he took it very seriously.

Adobe is also planning to launch Apollo, a technology that allows rich Internet applications to run offline. Chizen said he's excited about Apollo but disappointed that it hasn't been released yet.

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Last modified on 19 April 2007
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