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AA battery powered netbook shows up

by on12 May 2009


XP on 8 NiMh AA's

NorhTec has announced the Gecko EduBook, which to our knowledge, is the only Windows XP system to be powered by AA batteries, which reminds us of Sony Walkmans some two decades ago.

The 8.9-inch netbook is powered by a 1GHz Xcore86 SoC, it has up to 1GB of soldered DDR2, and will be available with SSD or HDD storage. A Li-ion battery is also optional, and it should offer up to 50 percent more battery life than the 8 NiMh AA batteries included with the contraption. The AA's should apparently offer up to 8 hours endurance.

One interesting features is the modular design, as the PCB housing the CPU and RAM can easily be replaced. With Ubuntu it will cost under $200, while barebones will be available from $120 to $130, depending on quantity.

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