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MSI readying new X-Slim models

by on02 April 2009


11.6 and 14 inches

MSI seems
to be enjoying the X-Slim limelight, and is now leaking a few more details on this interesting series of anorexic, yet lovable notebooks.

According to Electronista, a company representative confirmed that 11.6 and 14-inch models are on the way, and should appear soon. Add to that the 15.6-inch X600, and MSI will have a CULV poker on its hands. Although some believed the 15.6-inch X-Slim X600 would launch in tandem with the X340Pro, MSI has told us that it will come a bit later, but exactly when is anyone's guess.

Mind you, MSI will not be the only vendor to offer a choice of four panel sizes with its CULV based notebook series, as Acer is reportedly working along similar lines, as reported earlier. We have no doubt that other companies will follow suit.

As the 13.4-inch X320 will be Atom based, it is very likely that the 11.6-inch model will feature an Atom SKU as well, much like Acer's Aspire One 751. We can't help but wonder if vendors will offer the beefier, 14 and 15.6-inch models with non-CULV Intel CPUs, or perhaps even AMD's Neo platform, which seems to be off to a rather rough start.

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