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2.7 million Blu-Ray players sold in the U.S.

by on05 December 2007


Sort of

The Blu-Ray Disc Association is claiming that the U.S. market has gobbled up an impressive 2.7 million Blu-Ray players so far. In addition to these encouraging numbers, the group also says that over 4 million Blu-Ray titles were sold in November alone.

However, it must be noted that these numbers include Sony's PlayStation 3 console, which can hardly be described as a plain player. If you take the 2.1+ million PS3 consoles sold in the States out of the equation, you end up with less than 600,000 standalone Blu-Ray players sold.

In spite of that, at the moment Blu-Ray does seem to have the upper hand. Their HD DVD counterparts, The HD DVD group, is claiming around 750,000 HD DVD players sold, but they have also included Toshiba's HD DVD XboX 360 add-ons into their numbers.
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