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OLPC dismisses patent infringement lawsuit

by on03 December 2007


Just another Nigerian scam

OLPC boss, Nicholas Negroponte, has said that the patent-infringement lawsuit against his organization is just another Nigerian scam.

The suit was filed by Lagos Analysis of Natick, and claims the non-profit foundation stole the company's keyboard design. However, Negroponte said the lawsuit is without merit, because OLPC uses a keyboard programming technique developed in 1996, long before the Nigerian patent was filed.

According to, the founder of Lagos Analysis is Ade Oyegbola, who was convicted of bank fraud in Boston in 1990 and served a year in prison. Oyegbola insists his Nigerian patent is legitimate and said he plans to file a copyright infringement lawsuit against OLPC in an American court.

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Last modified on 04 December 2007
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