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The focus will remain the same for id

by on13 May 2009


Games first philosophy the key to success

While the next game from developer id Software is on track for release, many developers as well as game players wonder what might be next for id’s Tech 5 technology. According to CEO Todd Hollenshed, things have not changed for the company, with the focus still on games first and technology licensing second.

The Tech 5 engine technology is very interesting because it is multiplatform by design supporting PC, Mac, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3 platforms. From what we have been hearing the multiplatform support is so good that developers are able to get 90% of the game code working on these platforms without any conversion or modification.

While engine technology licensing is something that id Software has been known for, it also is known for the games that it develops to show off its engine technology. The latest Tech 5 engine features Guru John Carmack’s MegaTexture technology, which certainly sets it apart from many of the other engines being used by developers today.

Currently, id has two games in development using the Tech 5 engine technology with Rage and Doom 4. The focus will still be to get these products completed and shipped, but the Tech 5 engine technology has gotten to a point where the company has seeded it to a select number of developers for review.

While the Tech 5 engine can make a compelling case for developers who might be shopping for an engine, id Software will continue to be careful about whom they license the technology to and make sure that the projects are closely aligned for a good fit with the company. id would prefer to continue to have a select number of developers producing high quality titles that show off the power of the technology, rather than just licensing it to everyone.
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