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Van Halen Guitar Hero confirmed

by on08 May 2009


As we expected, it will arrive for the holidays

Guitar Hero lovers whose fingers are still sore from Guitar Hero Metallica will be happy to learn that Activision has confirmed that Guitar Hero Van Halen is in the pipeline for this holiday season. While the exact release date was not announced, it is confirmed to arrive this year.

The Van Halen version of Guitar Hero will offer full coverage of the David Lee Roth era of the band, with many of the band’s greatest hits to be included with the title. In addition, the game will feature guest appearances from bands including Blink 182, Queens of the Stone Age, Queen, The Offspring, and Weezer.

It is unknown if the title will cover any of the Sammy Hagar versions of Van Halen, but Activision only has indicated that the game is dedicated exclusively to the Van Halen brothers’ hard rock band. We expect to hear more specifics in just a couple of weeks at E3.
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