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Stargate MMO is in serious doubt

by on07 April 2009


No clue what is going on, according to producer

Reports have trickled in that an executive producer of the Stargate TV series suggests that serious doubt surrounds the future of the Stargate MMO. According to reports, it should be happening now if it was going to happen and this has left the Stargate Worlds MMO status unknown.

While developer Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment has never hidden the fact that they were a small startup company that was created to take on this project, it seems that those surrounding the show believed that the company had significant funding to take on this project.

We have seen issues with the company not paying its employees, being sued for unpaid bills, and attacked for not delivering on the promise to deliver the Stargate MMO, despite a successful beta test that was said to have taken place.

What is next for Cheyenne Mountain is anyone’s guess, but at least for the moment things are quiet and the company is not saying anything about what the future might hold. Our sources suggest that without a massive infusion of cash it is unlikely that Stargate Worlds MMO will be released. It is only a matter of time before we are expecting Cheyenne Mountain to make this prediction official.
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