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Nintendo shows the compassionate side of the company

by on03 February 2009


Replaces devices melted in a fire


On September 19th, A Nintendo fan nicknamed PsyduckWarrior had an unfortunate accident where his house burnt to the ground, together with all his possessions among which was an impressive array of Nintendo gaming devices.

After he called Nintendo’s customer services about one month ago to inquire about suspending his Wiiware account, he included the pictures of his melted Nintendo equipment, just for kicks.

In an impressive feat of compassion, Nintendo not only called up to check how his family was doing but offered to replace his Wii and Gameboy Advance SP for free. So PsyduckWarrior sent his melted equipment and got it replaced, and the company also included the chargers and all the cables.

We must admit that such a move is not something we see every day, so hat's off to Nintendo, as the company really seems to put its consumers first.

You can read more here, where you’ll also find pictures of melted down gaming devices.

Last modified on 03 February 2009
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