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GameStop expects Wii shortage again

by on24 November 2008


Retailer disagrees that Fit will be the only thing short

It seems now that gaming retailer GameStop is claiming that the Wii Fit will not be the only thing that Nintendo will be short on this holiday season. GameStop is starting to believe that the Wii console itself will also be in short supply this holiday season.

While Nintendo claimed that it has boosted production and it should have enough Wii consoles for those looking for one this holiday season, it now seems that at least GameStop is starting to expect that for the third holiday season in a row the demand for Wii consoles will be more than the number of consoles that Nintendo will ship this holiday season.

If Nintendo does, in fact, run short this holiday season, they will have a bit of egg on their face as they have been claiming that they will have enough supply to meet the demand. As for the Wii Fit, GameStop claims that the news of short supply is accurate and they are selling through all of the Wii Fit packages as fast as they can get their hands on them.

In addition to the Wii and Wii Fit, it would also appear that the brisk sales of the Guitar Hero products could have availability issues, as well. The continued brisk sales of the Guitar Hero products on all platforms could also be a tough find.

The Guitar Hero band kit is, in fact, already selling so well that it is already out of stock in many stores and replenishments of inventory are already starting to become a bit slower than was expected. The Xbox 360 and the Wii version of Guitar Hero seem to be selling the best and are having the most problems achieving adequate stocking levels. There's less of a problem for the PS3 version.

Shortages could be a problem for retailers to deal with this holiday season and the end result could be disappointment this holiday season. While sometimes retailers do manage to get more inventories on the shelves, time is running out to make this happen.
Last modified on 24 November 2008
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