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Tim Schafer releases Grim Fandango puzzle documents

by on06 November 2008


My dear Manny!


Doesn’t this make you feel old? I mean, it’s been twelve years since this game hit the shelves, but many will remember it as one of the greatest, and certainly funniest games ever. Anyway, Tim Schafer decided to release the puzzle documents to the general public, and in the process he, apparently realized a couple of things himself.

Namely, he often thought that people who complained about the complexity of puzzles either have “deep character flaws or mental illness,” but he realized that some puzzles were actually quite tough nuts to crack. He also noted how a lot of characters and puzzles had to be cut in order for the game to be done on time, but hey – at least that gives us a tiny glimmer of hope that we might see a sequel someday.

And please, Mr. Tim, don’t make easier puzzles, we liked them just the way they were – crazy and sometimes frustratingly difficult, but nevertheless endlessly captivating.

You can download the doc here (PDF).

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