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FarCry 2 freezing issues on Xbox 360

by on04 November 2008


Magical number – 62%


FarCry 2, one of the hottest titles of 2008 is here, but Xbox 360 users should know that 360 version appears to have some kind of a major glitch. Namely, numerous Xbox 360 users reported their game freezing up after 62 percent progress in the game, and they’re not happy.

Some users have managed to play to 65 percent and even 84 percent, but that didn’t stop their game from freezing. One user managed to find some kind of solution, but it worked only for him, and the solution was more like a sophisticated method of reset, than an actual fix.

You can read the whole forum thread here, but we simply couldn’t help but to share some interesting comments for your reading pleasure:

“I wonder can you sue a company for putting out a game this buggy? “

“Those Ubisoft-****** should send a guy from their staff over here that plays the game till the point where I stopped when it froze. Seriously, I'm not playing 62% of the game again. “

“If it’s not in the freaking manual that you should save on another file every time you got the chance to, then I won’t f***** do it. Maybe call me stupid but when I buy a game for 70 Euros (yeah that’s how much a new game costs in Germany) I automatically assume that the game is gonna work. If they won’t stopping releasing these ***** up games they will see the rage of the fans.”

Last modified on 04 November 2008
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