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Trilogy of games part of StarCraft 2 release

by on13 October 2008


Series of three releases to focus on each playable race

Word out of BlizzCon is that StarCraft 2 will be released as a trilogy of games that will focus on each of the playable races within the game. The first release will be focused on the Terran faction and will carry the title of Terrans: Wings of Liberty.

The second release, as well as the third, will be expansion packs that will carry the titles of Zerg: Heart of the Swarm and Protoss: Legacy of the Void. The base storyline will be woven through all three offerings.

While Blizzard said that the development cycle has taken longer than what was originally expected, their ability to develop a plan for all three offerings will make the end product worthwhile, as they have not skimped on the content; and have made the two expansion packs feel more like standalone games.

While the news has to be welcomed by many fans of the series, Blizzard still has no information regarding when we might seen the final product released. They hope to have more information regarding a release timeline soon.

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