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Major developers hired for Halo development

by on02 October 2008


Some of the best headed to Microsoft

Microsoft has been quietly snapping up some of the best gaming software development talent that is available to work on new projects in the Halo universe. The list of developers that Microsoft has lured away is starting to read like a who’s who of some of the best and well-known development talent that is around.

The latest to join Microsoft include Ryan Payton, who most recently worked on Metal Gear Solid 4 for Konami. Frank O’Connor from Bungie has joined Microsoft, as well. Some of the talented technical new hires include Corrinne Yu, who is the Principal Engine Programmer for the Halo Franchise Team and prior to this Yu was over at Gearbox.

David Wu has been said to be one of the more influential coders around who most recently was at Pseudo Interactive and has signed on for the fun, as well. Another name that many will recognize is id Software Art Director Kenneth Scott, who is likely to become one of the major forces behind the art direction of the new Halo Franchise Team.

Microsoft is likely plotting something big for the future by assembling such a team of heavy hitters to raise the bar. Some have suggested that they may, in fact, be starting to work on something that could be beyond the 360 platform. Still, we have no reason to think that this idle talk is accurate, as it would appear that the Xbox 360 still has plenty of gas left in the tank for the immediate future.
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