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The curse of Madden lives on

by on13 August 2008


Players on the cover shall have a bad season


In case you haven't heard about it yet, players who appeared on the cover of Madden game went on to have an awful or just not so good season. Whether it’s due to injury or just bad playing, almost every player suffered from “the curse”.

The list goes back all the way back to Barry Sanders (2000), Eddie George (2001) to Donovan McNabb (2006) and up to Bret Favre (2009) whom we’re yet to see on the "cursed" playfield. Some would say it would be wise for all you American football fans to start petitioning for the “other team’s” player to grace the cover, as it might just give your team an upper hand.

Our colleagues from randomnessblog.com made some nice statistics breakdowns to see how true this really is and you can view it here.

Last modified on 14 August 2008
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