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Crysis mod improves particle effects

by on25 July 2008


Some serious community work


Apart from being a demanding beast quite suitable for benchmarks, Crysis has proven that it's quite flexible and we keep seeing more and more mods aimed at improving the game. The latest project within this busy community is a particle improvement mode developed by the user, Havok Sage.

Those who use this mode will see more and different splinters if they destroy a tree and fires can start if there are explosions near buildings, but they’re not dynamic yet. There will also be longer lasting smoke, soil and dirt kicked up in explosions, more blood particles, etc.

What’s particularly interesting is that Crytek is allegedly keeping an eye on the community and planning to recruit some of the most skilled modders, as some of them have truly outdone themselves as well as Crytek’s team.

You can read more and view screenshots here.

Last modified on 26 July 2008
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