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Capcom won't tone down the gore in Resident Evil 5

by on24 July 2008


That's what the game's about


It's a popular trend, and it almost always brings in more cash – tone down in-game violence, push for a lower age rating, and sell your game like there's no tomorrow. However, it seems Capcom won't be doing that with their Resident Evil series.

Rhys Cash, Capcom UK's research and planning manager, said we'll never see a gore-free Resident Evil title, as this game is about the horror experience and it would be pretty pointless taking away this vital component.

As far as we’re concerned, this is a really nice decision and it’s not every day that you see publishers refusing to rake in some additional dough just to preserve the game’s legacy. Now, give us that gore.

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Last modified on 25 July 2008
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