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Bethesda shows Fallout 3 gameplay trailer on E3

by on15 July 2008


4 minutes of gameplay


It’s been a long and hard road for Fallout 3 since it was announced way back in 2004, and it seems we’re finally drawing near this game’s launch date.

Some may remember that Fallout 3 was first developed by Black Isle Studios, an Interplay Entertainment subsidiary. However, Interplay Entertainment went bankrupt, so the Fallout 3 license was sold to Bethesda Softworks. All the Blacke Isle’s work on Fallout 3, codenamed Van Buren, was dumped and then developed from scratch by Bethesda.

This “new” Fallout will feature first-person and third-person gameplay, and does indeed look nice, but we’ll let you be the judge of that.

You can view the trailer here.

Last modified on 15 July 2008
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