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FIFA Manager 09 coming in fall

by on01 July 2008


New graphics, sound and AI


Electronic Arts Inc. officially announced FIFA Manager 09. The game is currently in the works and the PC version should come out in fall this year.

FIFA Manager 09 is a new sequel to FIFA Manager that puts the player in the shoes of a football coach (soccer coach, if you're an American). You’ll be handling the tasks of training, tactics, transfers, sponsors, stadium management, etc.

The new Manager comes with a new player and club database from 33 countries. The database features more than 1,500 clubs, over 25,000 players and more than 7,000 original photographs of players. Of course, you can manually add more players using the editor feature.

The PC version of FIFA Manager 09 will hit the shelves sometime in the fall, and will launch in 6 different languages.

Last modified on 01 July 2008
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