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PlayStation 3 sales jump in the U.S.

by on16 November 2007


Following price drop

Sony is claiming significantly stronger sales of its Playstation 3 console in the United States following a recent price drop and the introduction of a cheaper model.

The entertainment giant said it sold around 75,000 Playstation 3 consoles in the first week of November, while it sold more than 100,000 in the following week. Prior to the price drop and introduction of a 40GB model, which was lauched two weeks ago at a US$399 price tag, Sony was selling 30 to 40 thousand units per week.

In spite of the recent improvement, Sony has a lot of catching up to do. Nintendo's top selling Wii is still leader of the pack, with 519,000 units sold in the U.S. in October. Microsoft sold 366,000 Xbox 360, while Sony is trailing back at third place, with 121,000 Playstation 3 consoles sold last month in the States. However, if the recent trend continues, Sony might end up neck to neck with the Xbox 360 this month.

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