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Playstation 3 comes with a free Blu-ray movie

by on12 March 2007

For first 500.000 EU customers

We saw Playstation 3 a few times in last few days. The last one we have seen was in Den Haag , a nice town on the coast of Holland in the electronic retail store that is remarkably opened on Sunday.


It should launch at 23rd of March, in just eleven days from now and you can pre order one for €600. If you are one of the first 500.000 to buy one, you will get “a free” Blu-ray movie.


You can get one of the hot Hollywood titles including Casino Royal or a few other movies. The European version of the console comes with a HDMI and the games look really well on it, but the quality matches the XboX 360 games we have seen so far.


The console itself is a bit too late and very expensive for our taste but it sure captures the eyes of the consumers. It is big so you can not miss it and the black plastic cover will really look great with a lots of greasy fingertips on it. This analysis is superficial and you should concentrate on the Playstation 3 inner beauty that includes eight core CPU and a Geforce 7, G71 based 90 nanometre chip.   


We are sure that it wont be easy to buy one and that they will be sold very fast as the shipping quantities won't be great. Good luck Sony.

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