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Police raid Gizmodo editor's home

by on27 April 2010


Apple sends the cavalry to retrieve next gen iPhone

In a
move we learned to expect from dark forces of the world, the San Mateo county sheriff’s office have raided Gizmodo editor’s home and taken pretty much anything that whirs, blinks and has a display. The raid has been caused by the recent ruckus around the next gen iPhone 4G, a sample of which Jason Chen dubiously came into possession of, covered and dissected.

The police reacted and seized digital equipment from Chen’s home but there’s a catch. Jason Chen is employed on Gizmodo, which makes his home a de facto newsroom and in a normal world such thing would present a problem. Namely, the issued warrant is in violation of 1524(g) section of CA Penal Code which would make the warrant void and require the equipment to be returned immediately. When presented with this on the spot, the police said they’ve taken it into evidence and one of these “government officials” even said how this is the first time he’s seen that in 25 years. We can’t rule out the truthfulness behind this, as most laws come in book formats and thus make for a pretty uninteresting read. 

The police have seized four computers, two servers, and some accompanying accessories. The list includes Apple’s Macbook, Macbook Pro, iPhone 16GB and strangely enough – the iPad. Fools. Don’t they know it can’t even multitask?

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Last modified on 27 April 2010
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