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More Pre launch specifics confirmed

by on20 May 2009


Will close early the night before and open early

More details are starting to come to the surface about the launch of the Palm Pre by Sprint. The latest news is that the official launch day will be June 6th.

To get ready for the launch, Sprint will be closing corporate run stores early on June 5th at 4 P.M. and re-opening the store at 8 A.M. on June 6th to launch the Pre. From our understanding, this is a first for Sprint to go all out for a launch. The carrier is expecting some serious business for the launch of the Pre and they will be decorating the store and making sure that employees are trained and ready to tell you everything that you want to know about the Pre.

Starting at 8 A.M., Sprint employees will be ready to get you into a Pre for $299 plus tax, with $100 coming back to you via a mail-in-rebate, but of course you will have to do another two-year contract.

Some are already suggesting that the Pre is a lot of hype and the launch could be a big bust, but we just don’t think so. Many Sprint customers are looking for something new and different and the Pre is that device. While it isn’t an iPhone, many Sprint customers who are locked in just don’t care, as it is a must have device that they can get for their network. We expect that the launch will not flop and Sprint will move some serious numbers of phones.

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