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Balsillie confirms Storm 2

by on06 May 2009


No details, but in development

We already figured that RIM was working on the BlackBerry Storm 2, but in a surprise move RIM Co-CEO Jim Balsillie has confirmed that this is, in fact, the case.

From what we understand, Balsillie said that sales of the original BlackBerry Storm continue to be strong and the BlackBerry Storm 2 will offer next generation features and build upon what the company had already learned in consumer feedback from the first version of the Storm.

While no specifics were announced as to what kind of features one might expect from the Storm 2, it is pretty safe to assume that the company will be shooting for a launch date that will likely put the Storm 2 on track for the end of the year or perhaps early next year. In the meantime, look for new firmware to correct some of the nagging issues from the first Storm release along with some enhancements.
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