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New iPhone rumors playing again

by on24 March 2009


Rumor-go-round in full effect once again

Late this afternoon we had a blue mole call us from the land of AT&T and give us the lowdown on a few things that we could expect to see from the wireless carrier over the next couple of months. Of course, the focus is once again on the iPhone, but what else do you expect from the carrier that is the exclusive provider of the iPhone in the U.S.?

As we have been saying all along, AT&T moles now believe, as well, that the new iPhone will be announced in mid-June. The new iPhone will, of course, have version 3.0 of the firmware and a faster processor, along with a new AT&T iPhone Application which will allow control of your U-Verse DVR if you happen be using one of those from AT&T.

Our moles are insisting that we will see the new iPhone using Infineon chipset that offers HSDPA support for speeds up to 7.2Mbps. If true, the move would be interesting, as AT&T is still in the process of launching and building out its support for HSDPA.

The documented need for a memory upgrade is also said to be on the agenda for the new iPhone. The upgrade would see the iPhone being offered in a high end 32GB configuration, but details are still sketchy on this possibility, as many have claimed that Apple would do this the last time around and it never came to pass. However. with the currently lower cost of flash memory, it does seem a bit more likely than last time.

One other note of interest is that AT&T will be launching a $99 3G netbook at some point this summer, and according to what we have been able to uncover, surprisingly it will not be running Windows. While the rumored netbook is said to be supplied by Dell, we can’t yet confirm that this is actually the case.
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