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Could Verizon be getting a CDMA iPhone?

by on25 February 2009


Rumor mill working overtime with many theories

The rumor mill is heating up again with another iPhone rumor. This time, the word is that Verizon will get a CDMA/EVDO iPhone model to sell as soon as Apple’s exclusive agreement in North America with AT&T expires.

According to our sources as well as other sources on the Internet, Verizon has been in discussions with Apple for some time about the possibility of a CDMA/EVDO iPhone. The fact that Verizon is talking to Apple is perhaps a bit of a surprise, since the company turned Apple down the first time around. Much of the reason surrounding all of the rumors are due to job vacancies that Apple had listed which required employees with CDMA/EVDO experience.

While some suggest that Apple could be announcing a Verizon deal soon, most agree that it will be 2010 at the earliest; and this is logical, as Verizon would be just starting to really turn up its LTE network, and we would suggest that LTE will be in the iPhone at some point in 2010.

Only time will tell if Verizon and Apple are going to do a deal, but it does seem that the next phase for Apple to increase iPhone sales is going to be to add carriers, because not everyone is willing to switch to AT&T, and that would be the only way to keep sales moving upward. The big loser on a Verizon deal would be Sprint, but who knows? Before this round of CDMA/EVDO rumors is done, we suspect that we will hear that Sprint is also making a pitch to Apple.

Last modified on 25 February 2009
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