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iPhone 2.1 rumblings abound

by on30 January 2009


Clues suggest more than storage upgrade

in the latest firmware release by Apple is evidence that the company seems to be at least preparing for the release of an iPhone upgrade beyond the latest 3G model, which is now being dubbed as the 2.1 iPhone.

We have been shaking the old Apple tree to see what we can find out about the 2.1 revision of the product and it seems that little is actually known yet about what all it might include, but it is likely that it will be more than just an upgrade to the onboard storage.

As things stand, it seems that most of our tree dwellers are convinced that the next revision will likely include some sort of multi-core CPU or GPU support. It is thought that the GPU is likely to come from Imagination Technologies IPs. The thing that could be an issue with the suggestion that Apple might be headed toward a multi-core design is power consumption, which if not managed correctly could end up reducing battery life, which is important to a device like the iPhone.

The CPU, on the other hand, is likely to be an internal ARM effort that Apple is putting together with its recent chip engineering team. The ARM processor design is logical and the fact that it could end up being a multi-core design also seems at least possible.

While we are pretty sure that June will be the time frame in which we might see the new iPhone, it is possible that the company might elect to push out an upgraded model with more storage at any time. With the current price of flash memory, it is possible that this is what Apple might have on the agenda before their next big announcement this summer.
Last modified on 30 January 2009
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