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AT&T to add Visual Voicemail for Bold

by on20 January 2009


Will need at least OS update

We have now been able to confirm that AT&T will add BlackBerry’s Visual Voicemail to the BlackBerry Bold. While our lurkers in the shadows have yet to get a firm release date, we suspect that it could be likely available before spring.

The test version of the BlackBerry OS that AT&T has been testing is labeled version, according to several sources. So, we suspect that you will need at least that version or higher to add it. Of course, if you attempt to use a leaked version prior to the official release you should know that without the correct service books and provisioning, it will not work, let alone even launch.

BlackBerry Visual Voicemail allows the user more control over the voice mail, giving the user the ability to control the voice mail content directly from the BlackBerry, rather than having to call in and just follow the voice prompts. It also gives the user more data by indicating on the display who called and left voice mail and how long the voice message is.

Currently, it is thought that we will see other providers offering the BlackBerry Visual Voicemail for the latest BlackBerry devices at some point in the future; however, we are still probing to find out if this is at all a possibility and whether we will see it for previous generation BlackBerry devices.

Last modified on 20 January 2009
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