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Storm will get OS update

by on05 December 2008


Sources say Verizon will release it today

We have a couple of moles that are telling us that Verizon will finally release the update for the Blackberry Storm later today.

The upgrade will address a variety of issues, including: the device resets during an idle state or when using a multimedia application; incoming audio is muted when using the voice dialer; when using headphones and receiving an incoming call while listening to music, the volume will increase to the loudest level; enhancements and tweaks to Storm’s ability to switch between portrait and landscape modes; multimedia abilities, including video, music, and MMS have been enhanced; and tweaks to the Bluetooth performance in a variety of scenarios.

According to our furry friends in the trenches, you should be able to apply this update using the desktop manager, web SL, and OTA.

To add to the strangeness of this release is the fact that Bell Mobility, while they are not selling the Storm yet, has already posted the update. We have also been informed by one of our sources that Vodaphone also has a storm update available, but it is version From what we can tell, there is little difference as far as the fixes go between the two versions.

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