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AT&T BlackBerry confusion continues

by on19 September 2008


New dates for other BlackBerry products, as well

As we told you a while back, AT&T had delayed the launch of the BlackBerry Bold until October 2nd. Now it seems that our moles are suggesting that it might be delayed again until November.

It has been bad enough that the BlackBerry Bold keeps getting delayed for AT&T subscribers, but all of this drama with the dates changing has to be making users buy other phones or just settle for another BlackBerry model.

While some are still saying that the Bold will, in fact, launch on October 2nd in limited numbers with full availability coming later in November. This, in fact, might be the real truth of the matter. The Bold on AT&T has generated a lot of interest despite the higher price of the Bold, and many customers continue to wait, but they are growing tired.

In the meantime, some other BlackBerry release news has reached us. Look for the BlackBerry Pearl in Oyster Pink to become available on October 2nd followed by the BlackBerry 8320 in Blue to become available October 21st, which is said to start the process of phasing out the 8310 BlackBerry Curve, as on-hand inventory is depleted. The much-awaited BlackBerry Curve in Burnt Orange has been delayed until early 2009.
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