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Apple launches new iPod Touch firmware

by on12 September 2008


iPhone firmware 2.1 launching on 12th of September


Yesterday, Apple launched its new iPod Touch firmware, whereas iPhone 2.1 firmware is scheduled for today.

Within their iPod Touch firmware, Apple added a couple of new functions. According to the information posted by users who already had a chance to test this new firmware, software is much more optimized and many apps run faster.

The new iPod Touch firmware is free for users whose current firmware version is 2.x, whereas firmware 1.x users will have to pay $9.99 USD to download it.

Firmware 2.1 shifted the focus to games, Genius playlist and  Nike+iPod function. Apart from that there’s support for 17 languages, 30 international keyboard layouts and 19 dictionaries. Mail app also went through some improvements.

Steve Jobs also announced iPhone firmware that should launch today. Firmware 2.1 should bring all the iPod Touch functions to your iPhone pets, as well as some specific cell-phone features.

This firmware should fix numerous bugs that brought about the customers’ wrath, and even discouraged certain customers from buying the iPhone. Among the fixes, Steve Jobs especially noted 3G connections and bad signal reception, which often resulted in abruptly ended calls and lower data transfer rates.

Jobs also added that the new firmware will improve battery life on these devices.

Last modified on 13 September 2008
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