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GlacialTech launches mainstream CPU Cooler

by on22 October 2007


IGLOO 5610 PWM & Silent Version

has launched a new CPU cooler aimed at mainstream computer users. The 5610 is a Socket 775 cooler, with two heatpipes that are used to rapidly transfer heat from the  copper base into the aluminum cooling fins.

The 5610 comes in two versions: one is the “Silent” model, featuring an 80mmx80mmx25mm fan running at a quiet 19dB and capable of through 30.8CFM of air at 1800 RPM.

The second version, the “PWM” model, ships with an 80mmx80mmx25mm variable speed fan, ranging in speed from 800~3200RPM with a maximum volume throughput of 51.3CFM. The fan puts out 34dB maximum at full speed.

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