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Sun Launches New Servers

by on09 October 2007


Based on UltraSparc T2 chipset


Sun Microsystems, Inc. has launched its first server computers based on its newest microprocessors in a move that it hopes will springboard sales of highly energy efficient and high performance business computers.

The new servers will use Sun’s newest UltraSparc T2 chipset, which Sun claims is the world’s fastest commodity microprocessor. According to Sun the new servers will use one-fourth the amount of space and operate at less than one-half the cost of comparable competitors’ servers, yet deliver the same performance as previous servers that are not as power or space efficient.

Sun hopes to gain market share on its competition with these new highly efficient and compact servers. Sun also indicated earlier in the year that it also planned to resell the new UltraSparc T2 chipset to manufacturers of network routers and other technology equipment as it attempts to grow its business beyond servers and data storage devices.

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