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AT&T explains service termination rule

by on08 October 2007


Claims criticism on Net won’t cut off service


AT&T, Inc. has issued a statement to clarify a vague clause in its service policy with its customers: your Internet service won’t be terminated if you are critical of AT&T.

Apparently, AT&T has a clause in its Terms of Service (ToS) policy that provides it reserves the right to cut off service for any user conduct that damages the name or reputation of AT&T, its parents, affiliates and subsidiaries.

Rumors and speculation have been circulating on the Web that AT&T might terminate Internet service for customers who post critical and unpopular commentary about AT&T on the Web.  AT&T announced that the ToS policy pertaining to reputation damaging conduct refers to messages and Website links that explicitly advocate violence and to messages that pose harm or a threat to children, such as child pornography. 

AT&T explicitly stated that it would not terminate a customer’s Internet service just because that customer posted negative comments about AT&T using their Internet account.

Last modified on 08 October 2007
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