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Qwest disconnects infected PCs

by on08 October 2007

ISP gets aggressive in handling infected users

Qwest is getting aggressive in handling DSL user PCs that have become infected. Qwest will block users from Internet access and warn users that their PC has become compromised through a browser redirection.

Qwest is not really explaining the details, but when they detect a customer’s computer is acting as a “bot” they will provide additional information on how to clean the system.

The notice will continue to show up in the browser until the customer resolves the issue. With the amount of garage traffic that continues to clog up the Internet, it is obvious that this is now a step in the right direction, but still one has to wonder what kind of monitoring Qwest is doing beyond looking for infected computers of subscribers that subscribe to their DSL service.

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Last modified on 08 October 2007
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