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Gigapixel satellite surveillance developed

by on28 September 2007


10-kilometre-square area 50cm per pixel


Sony have developed a method of taking Gigapixel satellite pictures which are more accurate.

According to New Scientist, satellite photography is bedevilled with a low field of view which means that High resolution images need to be taken and tiled. Vehicles can end up appearing more than once if they move from one image to the next between exposures, for example.

Sony's new technology uses a wide-angle camera that can image a 10-kilometre-square area from an altitude of 7.5 kilometres with a resolution better than 50 centimetres per pixel. The camera has a gigapixel resolution, and able to record images at a rate of 4 frames per second.

Individual vehicles could be monitored without any danger of losing them as they move from one ground level CCTV system to another.

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