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AMD loses $1.77 billion in Q4

by on18 January 2008


The good, the bad, the ugly


AMD today reported Q4 2007 revenue of $1.770 billion, an 8 percent increase on Q3, but flat compared to Q4 2006.

During the last quarter of 2007 AMD reported a net loss of $1.772 billion, or $3.06 per share, and an operating loss of $1.678 billion. Fourth quarter non-GAAP operating loss was reduced to $9 million and fourth quarter gross margin improved 3 points sequentially to 44 percent.

While losing the country of Bosnia's yearly budget in a single quarter might seem disastrous, keep your hats on. Frankly, neither is Bosnia much of country, nor is AMD in as much trouble as Bosnia. The bulk of the losses stem from the ATI goodwill impairment deal, and hopefully the deal itself will start to bear fruit soon enough.

While we are an enthusiast Website, you should keep in mind that AMD is slowly starting to regain ground and market share thanks to some non-high-end products. It has shipped over 400,000 quad core CPUs in Q4 and the vast majority were Opteron server parts. ATI is also doing better; the new HD3800 series is turning out to be highly successful, mainly due to low prices and good availability. It still can't compete with what Nvidia or Intel have to offer, but its pricing in the low-end and mid-range are what is keeping them in the game, and this is where the money is: mainstream, businesses and OEMs.

Don't get us wrong, DAAMIT has a long and tough fight ahead of it. We're still waiting for desktop CPUs which can compete with Intel's Duo and Quad processors, as well as high-end graphics which can dethrone or at least match what Nvidia has to offer in the high-end, but things aren't as bleak as they might seem at first glance and even the pessimistic Wall Street analysts seem to agree.

Shape up, guys, and give us something good to write about.

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