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Halo: Reach to feature new multiplayer

by on15 April 2010


Four new modes to test your skills online

Halo: Reach will get four new multiplayer modes, according to those in the Bungie camp. The four new modes will present something different from the previous modes available in previous Halo titles. The new multiplayer modes will include Headhunter, Stockpile, Generator Defense, and Invasion.

The Headhunter mode has a striking resemblance to the Oddball mode. Stockpile appears to be the Halo version of the tried and true classic multiplayer Capture the Flag. Generator Defense appears to be 3 player versus 3 player mode where each side attempts to destroy the other side’s generators. As for the Invasion mode, it seem that no one is really sure what Bungie has up its sleeve for this one; and no one seems to be talking.

In addition to these new modes, most of the standard multiplayer modes that we have come to know though Halo will also return. It is rumored that Generator Defense will be a part of the Halo multiplayer beta that will be starting soon.

Last modified on 15 April 2010
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