Coumi ANC-860 Bluetooth 5.0 ANC headphones are good
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Review: Decent performance for $57 (Black Friday deal $37.69)

A few years back, we saw a clear indication that wired mobile phone headphones will be the thing of the past, with a strong tendency toward Bluetooth 5, charging case, and ANC combo use scenario. Today we have a chance to present COUMI that offers Bluetooth 5.0, ANC headphones for $50-ish.

South Korean boffins work on HPC chip
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Might cause some serious problems for the big names

South Korea’s Electronics and Telecommunications Institute (ETRI) has teamed up with ARM to design a CPU that’s tailored for supercomputing.

Boeing accused of knifing hybrid electric jet outfit
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Even as it invested in the company

Aviation startup Zunum Aero filed a lawsuit this week accusing Boeing of fraud, technology theft, breach of contract, and misappropriation of trade secrets.

EU votes to support Right to Repair
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Apple might be a little worried

The European Parliament voted to support consumers' Right to Repair.

737 Max headed to the European skies again
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Hopefully will not come down too fast

After much arguing and scandal it looks like Boeing’s 737 Max will be allowed to fly again in the EU from January.

IBM confirms loss of 10,000 jobs in EU
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Preparing for the spin off

IBM has confirmed that it will cut 10,000 jobs in Europe in an attempt to lower costs at its slow-growth services unit and prepare the business for a spinoff.

Apple rumoured to have asked Foxconn to leave China
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Wants its own personal Vietnam instead

Foxconn is rumoured to be moving some iPad and MacBook assembly to Vietnam from China at the request of Apple.

Bitcoin hammered in Asia and EU
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US is expected to follow

Thousands investors in the EU and Asia were dumping their Bitcoin after the price was hammered overnight.

MINIX NEO P1 is an insanely small GaN charger
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Three devices, PD with 65W

MINIX is well known for its mini PC devices and has been a very successful player for years. In the meantime, the company expanded its portfolio to include USB Type-C storage and chargers.

VMWare reports record growth
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Would have been better if it had not been for that pesky virus

VMware has reported third quarter growth that beat guidance offered earlier in its financial year but said results would have been better but for a slowdown in “transformational projects”.