Nvidia AD104 smiles for camera
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Fully-enabled GPU for RTX 4070 Ti

The Nvidia AD104 GPU has been pictured and the fully-enabled version should be launching with the RTX 4070 Ti.

Portal RTX gets December 8th launch date
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With quite high hardware requirements

Valve's classic puzzle game, Portal, is finally getting the much-needed update, and the date is set for December 8th. Portal RTX is a free update for all those that own Portal on Steam, and it will be getting Ray Tracing, high-res textures, and DLSS 3 support.

Loot boxes mess up kids
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30 November 2022

Loot boxes mess up kids

Financial and emotional harm

A three-year study into the impact of video game loot boxes on young people has discovered that they cause "financial and emotional harm" to teenagers and children.

Google explains how it is going to fact-check things
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Including on YouTube where it invented flat earth theory

Google has explained how its fact-checking initiatives will work soon in its bid to stop fake news and science. This will apply to YouTube which boffins have previously claimed was responsible for the return to popularity of flat earth theory.

Acer releases firmware update
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Security vulnerability turns off UEFI Secure Boot

Acer has released a firmware update to address a security vulnerability that could be weaponised to turn off UEFI Secure Boot.

Musk blames Apple as Twitter coders fall short
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Easier than blaming himself

Supreme Twit, Elon [Look at me] Musk is blaming Apple for delays to his revamped Norwegian Blue subscription.

Samsung creates a new GDDR6 memory
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FOWL play expected

Samsung has introduced a new GDDR6 memory that doubles the DRAM package's capacity and increases interface width to double its peak bandwidth.

ASUS says that DLVR was fused off in Raptor Lake
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But it still appears in the BIOS

Intel's DLVR (Digital Linear Voltage Regulator) technology is disabled on current generation Raptor Lake processors, according to ASUS.

iPhone 14 and Pro Max are Apple’s albatross
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And of course you don’t get wafers with it -- its a seabird

Fruity cargo cult Apple is fast discovering its “charge more for less technology” model is starting to fall flat as its latest Apple's iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max model shipments miss market expectations by up to 20 million units.

Samsung's next Unpacked event could be in the first week of February
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Galaxy S23 series as the star of the show

According to a fresh rumor, Samsung could set its next Unpacked event in the first week of February, with the venue set in San Francisco.