Ichor Systems looking at new markets
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Scottish Semiconductor manufacturing equipment supplier wants different markets

Scottish Semiconductor manufacturing equipment supplier has decided that life might be better in the general engineering world.

Qualcomm fires back at Computer & Communications Industry Association
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Misdirecting regulators

Qualcomm slammed a trade body which commented on its licencing dispute with Apple, saying that the Computer & Communications Industry Association was waging a "coordinated effort aimed at misdirecting" trade regulators.

Microsoft shows off Python in Excel
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Snakes on Microsoft Cloud  

Software King of the World Microsoft announced the Public Preview of Python in Excel, which "runs securely on the Microsoft Cloud".

Ad-free privacy first search engine shuts
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Neeva closes after two years 

The ad-free, privacy-first search engine from ex-Googlers which was kept going with a $4.95 monthly subscription fee, Neeva is closing.

Musk censored posts to help the Turkish government get re-elected
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Censorship is fine so long as I am doing it

Supreme Twit Elon [look at me] Musk has been accused of being rather selective regarding free speech and is allowing Turkish ruler Recep Tayyip Erdo─čan to censor his rivals before crucial elections.