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Acer to turn into a holding company

by on13 October 2017

Most of the company will become independent

Acer founder Stan Shih has said that his company will gradually turn into a holding company with most of the Acer Group's affiliates to transform into independent entities and list in stock markets.

Before this happens, Acer will increase its shareholdings in these companies to above 50% to have full control of them.

According to Digitimes, Stan Shih believes BYOC businesses should not be placed under a big organisation and should be operating independently in order to create more value. Shih said that Acer is nurturing its younger-generation executives to become successors.

Acer's third-quarter consolidated revenues reached $2.01 billion, growing 3.4 percent on year.

Acer's revenue growth in the third quarter was driven by five major factors: increased revenues from gaming products, which were up 168 percent  on year and contributed over 10 per cent  of Acer's overall third-quarter revenues; sales from Latin America especially in Brazil growing steadily and rising 30 percent from a year ago; increasing demand for Windows-based enterprise notebooks, which helped drove revenues from the enterprise sector to grow 40% on year; Chromebook's rising revenues, which went up by 27 per cent on year; and an average revenue growth of 30 percent  on year for its emerging businesses.

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