Nvidia Shield recall slows
Published in News
03 September 2015

Running out of replacements

Nvidia, which issued a recall for SHIELD Tablets made between July, 2014 and July, 2015 has been a bit slow in getting them back to their owners.

Seagate announces 2TB on 7mm thick HDD
Published in Notebooks
03 September 2015

Ye cannae change the laws of physics

Every week we here of a new hard-drive technology which appears to bend the laws of physics by stuffing more into less.

IBM teaming up with ARM
Published in Wearables
03 September 2015

Internet of Things stuff

Biggish Blue is teaming up with ARM to offer device and risk management for the internet of things.

Foxconn and SK get into bed with each other
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03 September 2015

Close co-operation

Foxconn is expanding its cooperation with Korea's SK Group to cover semiconductors, telecom services and energy.

Intel might have miffed the Tablet market
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03 September 2015

Why do you need one?

As Intel unveiled its Skylake chips yesterday it was hammering in another nail in the coffin of tablets.

Samsung announces Gamefly streaming
Published in Games
03 September 2015

Nvidia Grid like service for Samsung TV

Samsung has just announced its subscription-based Gamefly streaming service for its TV which has a striking similarity to the Nvidia Grid. 

Sony Xperia Z5 brings 4K screen to phone
Published in Mobiles
03 September 2015

Three phones powered by Snapdragon 810

Sony has announced its Xperia Z5 family that has three phones, from compact to premium. They all have a Snapdragon 810 and some impressive screen choices. 

Wikipedia editors turn to blackmail
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03 September 2015

"Not notable" tools

It was only a matter of time, but the editors at Wikipedia have let all that power go to their heads and started blackmailing people.

Titan cost $2000 claims Intel exec
Published in Graphics
03 September 2015

"Fact" used to prove Skylake does H.265 faster

In a desperate bid to demonstrate how good the H.265 decode is on Skylake, Intel was a little creative about its facts.

MediaTek has Indian mobile plans
Published in Mobiles
02 September 2015

Teams up with India's largest handset maker

MediaTek has teamed up with Micromax India‚Äôs leading handset player as part of its push into the huge market.