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Tegra could be Nvidia's leading product

by on31 May 2012

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Forbes does some maths

Beancounters working for Forbes are predicting that Tegra could end up being a big money spinner for Nvidia. The report said that Tegra and other related products contribute close to 7 per cent of Nvidia's profits, but the the division has the potential to become the largest revenue contributor

The analysts say that after a successful 2011 with its dual-core Tegra2 processors, Nvidia introduced its Tegra3 processors, which excel more than two times in speed and performance than Tegra2. Tegra2 featured in 15 smartphones last year, while Tegra3 is expected to power around 30 devices in 2012. It also has the strongest software system for graphics in the mobile world.

Nvidia expects to ship about 25 million Tegra processors in 2012, almost double its shipments in 2011.

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