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Apple wins slide to lock case

by on07 November 2017

For the grand sum of $120 million

Apple has finally claimed victory over Samsung and now officially invented the slide to lock technology.

Samsung will have to pay Jobs' Mob $120 million after the US Supreme Court said today that it wouldn't hear an appeal of the patent infringement case, first decided in 2014.

The case revolved around Apple's famous slide-to-unlock patent and, among others, its less famous quick links patent, which covered software that automatically turned information like a phone number into a tappable link.

Samsung was found to have infringed both patents. The ruling was overturned almost two years later, and then reinstated once again less than a year after that. From there, Samsung appealed to the Supreme Court, which is where the case met its end today.

Samsung is not happy with the outcome which it claims was supported by many who believed that the Court should hear the case to reinstate fair standards that promote innovation and prevent abuse of the patent system.

The company also said the ruling would let Apple "unjustly profit" from an invalid patent. But it lost so the rest of the world’s reality perception will now have to match Apples'.

Last modified on 07 November 2017
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